Beijing, 23 February 2017: A five-member delegation from UNEP-IEMP led by Dr Jian Liu (Director) and Prof Linxiu Zhang (Co-Director) visited Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China (RDCY).

Highlights of Prof Linxiu Zhang’s presentation are as follows:

1- Briefed about the origins of Sustainable Development from an ecological dimension and challenges that exist in developing countries since climate change, ecosystem degradation and poverty have seriously threatened the living conditions of human beings.

2- Elaborated UNEP-IEMP’s activities and actions relating to Sustainable Development and South-South cooperation, especially the Centre’s decade-long (2016-2025) flagship programme on Climate, Ecosystem, and Livelihoods (CEL).

3- Explored opportunities to strengthen the Belt and Road’ Initiative. It provides an important window to advance South-South cooperation and further promote Sustainable Development.

The RDCY delegation led by Wenhe Wang, Executive Dean of RDCY exchanged views with the UNEP-IEMP’s delegation on the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, green finance, China’s urbanization and environmental governance in rural areas etc. Dr Jian Liu highlighted the changing mechanism of foreign aids and the effective use of matching funds for global environmental governance. Both sides expressed keen interest to work closely in the future.